Introducing ECHO

Extracorporeal Hybrid Oxygenation

As COVID-19 spreads around the world, we have a desperate need for immediate and effective solutions.

Every day, we hear about ventilators and other respiratory therapies that are being pushed only to fall short due to lack of supply or results.

ECHO is revolutionary in that we have modified an existing and readily-available medical device used for kidney dialysis.

Our modification provides all the same oxygenating benefits as Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO), but it’s much less expensive, requires only brief special training, and thousands of dialysis machines could be modified for treatment in a matter of weeks.

ECHO has met proof-of-concept in an FDA-approved laboratory and is patent pending.

"Nowhere to Go But Up" podcast interview with Sean Dustin
Listen to Sean as he interviews the inventor of ECHO, asking key questions as to how it works, its potential and its implementation in the treatment of COVID-19 patients. 
Covid 19 Game Changer Sean Dustin
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Learn About the Advantages that ECHO Provides as a Life-Saving Therapy

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Immediately available: designed to use readily available equipment and supplies common at most hospitals and within their supply chain.


Easy to Retrofit: minimal skill level and training are required and this retrofit can be completed by a maintenance technician in less than fifteen minutes.

Simple to use: this can be connected to a patient via traditional ECMO methods (VV/VA) and our team is working with medical professionals to identify the least invasive methods for connecting this to a patient.

Watch How ECHO Works


Working Together with Industry Professionals

At Evolving Medical Solutions, we make the future possible.

Dr. Karl Kaufmann shares his insights on ECHO

Dr. Karl Kaufmann, from the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Washington Valley Medical Center, shares his insights on ECHO.


ECHO is a novel therapy designed to treat COVID-19 patients with respiratory distress.


Be Part of the Solution

There is a need for an available, effective, and affordable alternative to ECMO

We are prepared to roll ECHO out immediately to greatly reduce of the number of deaths associated with COVID-19 and get the national and global economies back on track.

We welcome you to reach out and become part of the solution:

  • Share our post and our story

  • Donate to help us bring ECHO to market safely, efficiently, and quickly.

  • Contact us if you are a Venture Capital investor or private investor that would like to participate in this opportunity.

  • Email us directly at to review our findings and claims or assist in connecting us with those that would facilitate bringing this disruptive technology to market.

At Evolving Medical Solutions, the team is working tirelessly to get ECHO to market and rolled out globally.

Evolving Medical Solutions is a purpose-driven team focused on innovations for a healthier world. With decades of experience in product development, intellectual property, and venture investing, our team is well-positioned to execute on its vision.

While other underlying conditions and complications require their own therapies, Evolving Medical Solutions has opted to focus on a singular fundamental need: direct blood oxygenation

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